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From a frustrating day at work, the last thing we need is a trouble at home. Simple things like messy dishes, dirty clothes lying on the floor, blinking lights, dysfunctional air conditioning unit, are some of the things that could trigger us and put us to our burning point. The next day is no stranger to our frustration, we have to prepare the kids for school, clean the house, fix the bedding, cook breakfast, and when you seemed to be running late, just at that one crucial moment, your garage door seemed to not work. No matter how much you bulge and try and pull it up or down it does not work, worst is it is only half way through therefore you cannot leave it alone since some opportunist may take advantage of the situation.

What I could suggest it this:

  • Cool down – nothing could be resolved if your head is still hot, worst you can further knick that door and cause further damage. Try and relax, breathe in and out to calm yourself, collect your thoughts then start to work.
  • Observe – now that you are ready to work, observe the door first. Are there any hooks loose? Perhaps, the door is not sliding properly or something is blocking the path. Maybe the door has now become rustic and needs new oiling. Look for what seems to be what the issue is before dismantling the biggest door in your house.
  • Decide – if it is not much of a big deal like there is just something blocking the pathway or maybe oil change is involved then you do not have to resort to experts since you can do these things without harming yourself and cause damage in your garage door as well.
  • Seek help – now remember that what you are dealing with is the heaviest and biggest door in your house. It is not an easy task, and if not taken seriously could potentially cause harm to you or to the people around you.


If you have little knowledge of this issue it is best that you call an expert; they could initiate a garage door opener repair service if they deemed that that is the problem, they could also change and rehook loosened and broken springs, and they could also re-oil your pathway, adjust, and make necessary changes for your garage door to function better and be as good as new.