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After years of service, eventually all things will grow old, weaken and ends up getting replaced. That is just the cycle of life; it is a constant and inevitable time frame we must all accept.

We often take for granted the service of many things, as such; the garage doors. We pass by it every day, yet never really paid too much attention to it and how was it doing. We rarely check up on it and when we do it is already broken. Sometimes the actual problem is the door itself, other times it is the opener that is malfunctioning, and some crazy time it is the spring.

Springs, I think are the most important part of a garage door for without it the garage door would not be able to open and close, or basically substantially function. Springs are under a grave tension, because of that it poses a health hazard towards the people around it anytime it gets broken. It is recommended that you have garage door spring replace once every 5 to 10 years.

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There are two types of spring:

(1) extension springs and

(2) torsion springs,

both of which are subjected under very high pressure and tension which could badly hurt people if not properly attached, so to be safe it is better than you call an actual expert on the field and let them handle and do the job they are trained for.

Remember that sometimes you can cause bigger damage than what you are currently it is in now, and by meddling with the stuff may actually cause serious injury and damage both to you and your door. It is always better to be safe than explorative. Practice safe living and correct preserving of devices and materials.